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Are You Still Watching?: Hindi Cinema and Storytelling in the Netflix Era
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A conversation with directors Anvita Dutt (Bulbbul), Neeraj Udhwani (Maska), Honey Trehan (Raat Akeli Hai) and Sharan Sharma (Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl). Moderated by Anuj Malhotra, founder of Lightcube

French children's wear label Petit Bateau opened new store at boutique boulevard 'Seilergasse' in Viennad
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Even when in times of the pandemic many things have changed, people enjoy shopping at brick & mortar stores such as at Seilergasse in the 1st district of Vienna nearby St. Stephen's Cathedral. The street can be described as 'boutique boulevard'...

24-August-2020 Playlist by 'Impact' by SG Lewis ft. Robyn and Channel Tres;...
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Exploring St. Marxer cemetery where prominent Viennese citizens like W. A. Mozart were once buried
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Tomorrow on 23 August, a special guided exploration of one of the city's oldest cemeteries, the St Marxer Friedhof at the 3rd district of Vienna can be joined...

#Music video starring dancer Jalaiah Harmon 'Video Game' by Sufjan Stevens, album 'The Ascension' (25 Sept)
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Vogue 'Beauty Secrets' video series "Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Guide to Her Signature Red Lip"
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RALPH RUCCI (RR331) – Fall Winter 2019/20

Photos by Dan LECCA

Paris, France – With the return of Ralph Rucci to the French haute couture calendar, so signals the return of eternal American high style to the international stage. This year the couturier introduces his latest opus to us under his RR331 label.

Absent from the haute couture calendar for the past 15 years, we have been most desirous to hear Rucci crescendo once again his creative fashion voice to new levels. His song is expressed through his refined silhouettes that are coronated with his pure lines, elegance, comfort, easiness on the eye and dignity in all circumstances. This, his Fall Winter 2019/20 collection, is a tribute to Elsa Peretti, one of his most fervent admiratrices!

As we move from daywear to evening wear, the richness of fabrics and subtle textures continue to define his work. The abundance of materials on the silhouette create an air of mystery and the large folds at times create a sense of self. When one looks closely, the eyes fall to where the silhouettes may meet the face, and thus revealing more alluring and splendid regard.

When all is said and done, Ralph Rucci’s conquest of style, taste and refinement once again serve as a solide reminder that American couture is not only alive, but that it thrives !

IMANE AYISSE COUTURE – Fall Winter 2019/2020

Photos by Fabrice Malard

Paris, France – It is a bright, sunny and early afternoon where our team headed to the Mona Bismarck American Cultural Center in Paris to start our couture season. There, the Cameroon-born couturier, Imane Ayissi, opened our calendar with a well-balanced mixed of style, reverie and hommage to Africa’s fashion consciousness.

In Camerouon’s Ewondo dialect, the collection’s title, “MBEUK – IDOURROU” translates into “He or she who wears a garment that is essentional“. According to the house in parts of Africa like Senegal, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, etc, this is all about how clothing conveys the wearers social status, culture and history to a certain extent.

Certainly, Ayissi is not the only African designer to show in Paris. No, indeed not. And certainly he is not the first to do so with African fashion and inspirations. However, he is one of the first to successfully blend the worlds of European couture with the artistry and flair of Africa.

The Paris-based Ayissi takes a practical approach. He applies traditional African fabrics, colors patterns and motifs to European silhouettes in order to create a link between the two neighboring continents. He then performs the reverse by creating African-inspired silhouettes in sequins, smoothe silks, etc. The result is a very appealing and unified look that gives elegance to the wears of the brand.

Imane Ayissi has been a very familiar name in fashion circles throughout Africa over the last two decades. He has consistently challenged himself to go further in his quest to bring the refinement of Africa to the world. His work today and of the last several seasons proves that he has found a serious magical potion that fashion has been lacking.

IMANE AYISSI COUTURE – Fall Winter 2019/2020


It was an amazing opportunity for us to hear from our WORTH Partnership Project Steering Board Member Julia Koerner. Julia is an award-winning designer working at the convergence of architecture, fashion and product design – specialised in additive manufacturing and robotic technology.

Her amazing career includes the creation of her own brand JK Design GmbH where her recent collaborations involve 3D-Printed fashion pieces developed with Haute Couture Houses for Paris Fashion weeks and Hollywood Entertainment Productions. We could not wait to find out more about her industry experience and what advice she has for WORTH participants through our interview:

You have an amazing multi-disciplinary career merging architecture, fashion and product design. Do you think that this has contributed to your success within the creative industry?
Having a background in architecture and emergent technologies and design enables me to collaborate with other progressive designers, Haute Couture Houses in Paris and the Hollywood Movie Industry. My extensive expertise in computational design and 3D printing enables me to work across multiple disciplines and scales. I seek to pursue to push these boundaries in the future.

You are the founder and director of JK Design GmbH in which your work ranges from fashion to the Hollywood entertainment industry, what made you want to establish your own company?
Beyond being an architect and designer of my own brand, I further wanted to provide services to the industry. In 2015 I designed my first entirely 3D printed ready to wear collection and beyond that started to have many business opportunities in Europe. I decided the best place to start my company was in my hometown Salzburg in Austria. This year JK Design was awarded the WIKARUS prize from the economic chamber in Salzburg, for best founding company.

What would be your best piece of advice for other creative entrepreneurs in regards to starting up your own business within the design industry?
Being as flexible and open as possible towards the future, it often comes differently than you expect. I originally dreamed to become a fashion designer but then decided to study architecture and emergent technologies and design, little had I known back then that this would equip me with a skillset which one day would enable me to be involved in the most cutting-edge fashion projects of today.

You are a big part of the WORTH Partnership Project which brings together cross-boarder creatives to work together towards a mutual outcome, how do you feel this is import for the European industry?
I think collaboration is a key to innovation in the creative field. Different disciplines inspire each other and I think it is important that we share knowledge. WORTH Partnership Project is a great platform to connect and help the industry to progressively advance in this way, I am glad to be a part of it.

Find out more about Julia Koerner through her WORTH profile here.

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Photo Courtesy of Worth Partnership Project

Paris, France – This week WORTH Partnership Project participated in the LOPEC – The Printed Electronics Trade Fair – at the Messe München trade-fair center in Munich, Germany.

During a conference organized by our own WORTH Steering Board member Wolfgang Mildner, WORTH coordinator Korina Molla presented the project to listeners to share the wealth of benefits the project offers and how they can become a part of the WORTH community too.

LOPEC is the leading trade fair for printed electronics. It encompasses every facet of this emerging technology, covering the entire value chain—from research and development to specific applications—as well as facilitates those essential business contacts.

LOPEC stands for ‘Large-area, Organic & Printed Electronics Convention’ and is the most important event for printed electronics. It is the leading global platform in the industry and provides support in every aspect of the industry, from application to research. It connects, inspires and puts ideas into practice, paving the way for the future.

In 2018 LOPEC had 153 exhibitors from 21 countries, about 2,500 participants, over half of them international guests from a total of 51 countries. The fair also has a strong focus on networking with other like-minded professionals and it is the ideal place to establish new business contacts.

As a trade fair that covers a cross-section of the industry, LOPEC showcases current trends, presents innovative products, highlights new market opportunities for the industry and helps foster the development of new materials, manufacturing technologies and applications. This exclusive business platform is geared towards all areas of the industry including any manufacturers or end-users of this cutting-edge technology.

Go to our blog to find more news and inspirational posts.

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WORTH Partnership Project is funded by COSME 
Programme of the European Union for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and Small and
Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)

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